Wuru Wool

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  • Constructed from 100% natural New Zealand wool for a safe, comfortable, non-itchy wear
  • Ideal for hiking, bicycling, running, winter and team sports, and other vigorous outdoor activities
  • Reduces unnecessary friction and prevents blisters while tucked inside your socks
  • Lightweight, breathable wool prevents feet from getting wet by absorbing excess moisture, water vapor, and sweat
  • Conforms to your foot shape without being secured by tape or other fastening means
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Wuru Wool Benefits

Wuru Wool is a must-have for individuals who lead particularly active lifestyles. Amateur and professional athletes can also reap the numerous benefits that Wuru Wool has to offer. This practical tool reduces friction in order to prevent any painful blisters from forming. It also regulates the wearer’s temperature by preventing his or her extremities from overheating or overcooling. Its excellent moisture-absorbing qualities make Wuru Wool ideal for keeping the wearer’s feet dry while participating in physically strenuous activities.

An Excellent Taping Alternative

Wuru Wool does not need to be secured in place. The cushioning naturally conforms to the shape of the foot and adheres to the sock without any outside assistance, making this wool a great alternative to athletic tape. Never worry about blisters again with this friction-reducing wool for athletes and active individuals.

Breathable Cushioning

This premium wool protects the feet from discomfort while hiking even the most unforgiving terrains in a range of temperatures. It also eases soreness and swelling as cushioning is applied to the soles, heels, and other high- impact locations. A single package (0.75 oz. each) contains enough wool for about 20 to 30 applications.